Olá! (EN)

telmo blog1Hello!

My name is Telmo, I’m 21 and at the moment I’m an EVS volunteer in a Russian speaking city in Latvia, called Daugavpils.

I made the decision of becoming a volunteer back in Portugal (where I’m from) immediately after the first time I heard about these kind of projects. I searched a suitable project based on my ideals and after applying for 5 different projects in 5 different countries such as Bulgaria, Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia (of course) and Ukraine, I received the news that I was accepted here.

The idea of going abroad was on my mind for a long time, but the weeks before arriving in Latvia were really stressful and with a lot of doubts since I was afraid that I wouldn’t like it here, but right after 2 weeks everything got better, I got used to the people, the places and the different ways of thinking and acting and the new life in general.

telmo blogDuring one year, from March 2015 until March 2016, I’m working as a volunteer in a youth center called “Fortuna” where children come freely and spend their time doing all sorts of ludic activities, my job here as a volunteer consists in prepare and perform activities for them, such as games, crafts, drawings, paintings, dances, songs and even events not only for the kids but also for the community in general.

telmo blog2After almost 3 months that I’m here I can say that I have a strong relation with the kids which is something I deeply appreciate. The language barrier is easily put aside when working with these children; we always have a way to make us understand each other.

Write to you soon,

Telmo (Portugal)