Hello everybody!

My name is Jakob Donath, I am 18 years old and I come from Germany. On the 1st of September 2015 I started my voluntary service in Daugavpils.

I goJakob Einsteint in touch with the idea of doing a voluntary service pretty early since both of my stepbrothers did one. They both travelled to South America (Peru, Bolivia) and they really liked their time there. So when I finished school in May 2015 I couldn’t imagine going to university immediately after that, I didn’t feel ready at all. Additionally, I didn’t want to sit in university after 12 years in school, I wanted to see something of the world. EVS offers me the opportunity not only to get to know new cultures and people but also to get some valuable experiences in terms of social work and project management.

At first I applied for a lot of northern countries (Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Latvia), but it soon turned out that my sending organisation IJGD in Magdeburg offered the best projects. IJGD is a partner of my coordinating organization ODIN/ VITA. After getting in contact with them, I got accepted very soon and there where no obstacles for my time here.

When I have arrived In Daugavpils, I got a very warm welcome by my fellow flatmates Louisa, Telmo and Lydia, so I felt at home very fast. I work at the 17. middle school in Daugavpils. My tasks are to prepare workshops and extracurricular activities for the pupils there. I think this wouldn’t be possible for me without my partners Sarah and Beate, who make every single workday quite pleasant. Of course we had to face some starting difficulties (my Russian isn’t quite existing at the moment), but I am pretty confident that everything will get right, since the people in our school are very kind and never hesitate to help us.

So I have to say that I am really looking forward to master all the challenges of the year and I am very sure I will enjoy my time here a lot.

See you soon



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