Hello everyone! Всем привет! Sveiki visiem!

DSCN0244My name is Sarah and I’m one of the new German volunteers in Daugavpils. I’m 18 years old and come from a small village near to the town Gera in the Eastern part of Germany. Following my graduation from school, I wanted to spend a gap year abroad in order to get an insight into another culture as well as finding out what I actually want to do in my future life. So I chose to participate in the ERASMUS+ programme by the European Union, namely the European Volunteer Service. After having been searching for a volunteering opportunity somewhere in North-Eastern Europe, I came in contact with the German organisation ijgd (Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste), which offered me a place at the Daugavpils 17. Vidusskola. This is how I ended up here in Western Latgale, a region that had been completely unknown to me before my arrival at the beginning of September 2015.

What are my tasks at the school?

The main part of my work is focused on different youth workshops, such as a German club, an English club or an Art club. Together with the other two volunteers Beate and Jakob, I prepare the youth activities in the mornings and carry them out in the afternoons. Apart from this, I take some language lessons in Russian and Latvian during the school time or participate in external projects that are addressed to the whole local community of Daugavpils.

IFWhat are my plans for the time in Latvia?

Most of all, I am keen to get to know the Latvian people and their culture better. I hope to see fairly much of their country through my travels and to be able to communicate after some time on a good level in either Russian or Latvian by the time of my departure at the end of May 2016.

What are my hobbies and interests?

I love everything connected to cultural life – watching a play at the theatre, reading a good book, cooking together with friends, learning a new language, paying a visit to an art gallery or just listening to my favourite music. Apart from that, I am always open to try out something new and gain knowledge in unfamiliar areas of life.

So far about my current situation here in Daugavpils. You will hear from me on this site about current project activities of mine in the upcoming months (:

Čau and пока!



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