Hello there!

My name is Beate, I come from Düsseldorf (Germany) and since the beginning of September, I work and live as a volunteer in Daugavpils.

Beate1After having finished my Bachelor’s degree (ok, I’m still waiting for the results but who cares?!) in intercultural communication, I wanted to go abroad for about one year in the framework of a European Voluntary Service (EVS). I applied at several sending organisations for projects in Eastern Europe and finally received a positive answer from ijgd (Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste) in May.

Since the beginning of my application process, I thought of doing my voluntary service in one of the Baltic countries. Documentaries drew my attention on these countries a while ago and I was curious about life, language and culture in this part of Europe. When I read about the project in the 17th Middleschool of Daugavpils, I was very happy to see that I could discover Latvia while doing a work for which I can use my skills acquired during my studies and side jobs.

My work consists in oBeate2ffering language courses as well as activities such as theatre to the pupils of my hosting school. Presentations about my home country, Germany, are also part of my work. If there is enough time, I also work on projects conceived by fellow volunteers of the town. For instance, I am taking part in a project called „Old paintings, new pictures“ which has been planned by an Austrian volunteer in Daugavpils. I’ll report about this project in the upcoming weeks!

When I am not working, I like to travel a bit around Daugavpils. As I am only here since 3 weeks, I have not already seen that much. Nevertheless, I have already managed to go to Vilnius and Rezekne (as well as its surroundings). Now, I hope to get myself a bike soon and discover Latvia in a sporty way 😉



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